A Letter to the 9/11 Conspiracy Seekers


These notes attempt to rebuff the 9/11 conspiracy theories in a brief no-nonsense form, without analyzing grainy pictures or too many questionable facts. Is it possible to be brief in such a highly noisy informational field flooded with low level details (true or false) and various speculations? Attempts to examine each and every of them would inevitably inflate this document, diminishing the chances that readers follow it and think it through.


In general, it is near impossible to prove anything beyond one's direct and immediate perception to individuals preprocessed in a certain school of (mis-)education. Why? Because the raw information and misinformation abound, yet it is very difficult to set any formal rules how to sort it out - unless one is deeply proficient in the respective hard science. That is why things like "Holocaust denial", the "Moon landing denial", or the "9/11 internal job" "theories" are so persistent in certain social strata.


Instead of examining numerous questionable direct facts or speculations flooding the Internet, I am going to consider rather indirect effects of a higher level, all being self evident.      


Like in criminal justice, when confronting a scene of a terrible crime, in order to prosecute and indict a culprit, not only do you have to demonstrate direct links between the culprit and the crime. You must also produce a credible explanation of his motives and goals: especially in a situation with scarce direct evidence.    


  1. The 9/11 tragedy was definitely not a "flag operation" for triggering anything like an all-out war or global military campaign against Islamic world. Why? Because no all-out war against Islamic world has yet happened. (The after 9/11 several months delayed campaign in Afghanistan with limited conventional forces does not count). On 9/12/2001 Mecca and Medina were not nuked! Moslems in the US were not rounded up! No mosques were burnt down on 9/12 anywhere in the US! On the contrary: the US dhimmy-government took all measures to protect mosques!!! And it is getting only worse: in fact, Islamization of America advances in leap and bounds. Thus you have a "flag" of cosmic proportion, yet no subsequent operation matching the "flag". The 9/11 was actually the opposite of what the euphemism "flag operation" stands for, being in fact an "appeasement flag". Unlike say the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, utilized by the American government as a trigger to engage the sleeping country in an all-out war, the 9/11 tragedy only embarrassed the US government not wishing to acknowledge any state of war on Islam no matter what. (The US government did wish however to whitewash itself and cover up its negligence in dealing with several warnings about the threat of 9/11 from various intelligence sources).     
  2. To blame the US government for orchestrating the 9/11 automatically means to absolve Islam and to completely exclude Islam from the equation. It means refusal to see that Islam in the US has already overpowered Christianity, that Christianity is expelled while Islam has a green light. That Islam controls the universities and schools, has penetrated into all layers of government - up to enthroning a Moslem impostor Obama as a US President. It means refusal to see tones of evidences that Islam has been at war against the rest of the world for millennia. That in the 20th century Islam was tremendously empowered by the oil money, reactivating its war on the West by all means. There were numerous Islamic attacks before the 9/11 and after it such as those in Madrid, London, Moscow, Beslan, Bali, Bombay, and just this recent one in Fort Hood - to name a few. It is preposterous to single out the 9/11 out of this line for some twisted reasons. One of motives of singling out the 9/11 is a deliberate attempt to whitewash Islam and to blame Neo-Cons (read "Jews") instead.
  3. If it were a criminal government plot of such a scale, the intelligence of other countries would figure it out, and the internal opponents of Bush and of his government would figure it out too. There is no significant state in the entire world (except Iran) - friendly, unfriendly, hostile, secular, or Islamic - which dares to claim anything else but the official explanation of the 9/11. Not one significant media source - all left-wing and anti-American! Bush haters in the Congress and a lot of other politicians have been looking for every thing imaginable to impeach Bush: how could they possibly not use this trump card?!! All those hysterical Obamamaniacs: why didn't they bring this issue fore?
  4. If the crime goal were to simulate Islamic attack on the high profile American targets, it would have been enough that the planes hit the buildings - even if the buildings remained standing. There would be absolutely no point for controlled demolition later of anything on the scene at all.
  5. If the goal were that the billionaire-owner of the properties collects the insurance in an arranged catastrophe, which sense does it make for him to engage the government in such an extremely complex implementation with 4 planes targeting also not his properties (such as Pentagon).
  6. If the government (for whichever reason) planned such an unprecedented mega-flag operation: which sense would it make to combine the plot with criminal aspirations of some billionaire? To compromise the secrecy for such a minute reason?
  7. If the goal were to destroy some compromising documentation stored in Building 7, much more plausible scenarios could be developed: No need in multiple plane attacks. Why to set this spectacle with controlled demolition of Building 7, never hit by Islamic skyjackers nor having any victims inside? To impress whom? Not only is Building 7 redundant in this scheme of things, but worse: betraying the "hidden" (demolition) technique and giving a useful hint to all the "truth seekers"...
  8. How to keep the top secrecy when leaks are happening all the time, and the operation like this would require hundreds of top secret executives of various levels?
  9. Whatever reason it may be that the government supposedly orchestrated this conspiracy, it must have been worth it to them to cause so much suffering and loss of life. So if there is any truth to this, the government wouldn't let a couple of pecker-neck chumps to produce films, nor thousands others to promote them and "disseminate the truth". What are a few more lives of these trouble-makers to them to ensure the success of this conspiracy?
  10. While considering physical systems of a complexity such as scenes of the 9/11 tragedy, the truth seekers demonstrate enviable willingness to apply physics. Yet this willingness is hardly substantiated in the country, where the Physics is taught as a one year optional high school course at best. As a result, these critics are sincerely amazed that buildings collapse, well, exactly vertically and almost in free fall.
  11. America has been the most advanced and the most benign (almost intimidated!) benevolent superpower ever, the unique successful social experiment, and the bright city on the hill. For anybody who traveled and learned other countries and their history, this must be an obvious fact. To assume that the US government implemented the mega plot of a viciousness never known in the history with no observable goal - requires a sick mind of the kind predicted by Bezmenov . The US government is in complete denial of the war which Islam is waging on us. The "9/11 truthers" are in such denial too.  

Alexander Gofen