To Israel, the Righteous Among the Nations


The Pure Experiment

(Tagged Atoms to Explore Anti-Semitism)


The Reign in Spain Falls Mainly on the Lame.

(Ann Coulter)




Most of the world wishes Israel to be destroyed, while the rest would quietly watch it happen.  The only way to survive is to realize it and prepare to all-out war.  


To begin with, here is a simple test:


"Berlin, May 1945.  An elder man is suffering from Parkinson's Disease.  He is the spiritual leader of the German people and is forced to swallow poison.  He could no longer bear the suffering of the German people being exterminated by allied carpet bombing under the command of the Zionist-American government".


Fiction?  Yes.


"An unknown village in Afghanistan, 2002.  A tall handsome middle-aged man, the spiritual leader of a group of rebels against imperialism and Zionism, is severely sick with kidney disease, requiring constant medical attention.   Being a real hero, he never shows his sufferings and hides in the caverns of Tora-Bora to escape the armies of the American invaders, commanded by Zionist-American government".


Fiction again?  Not sure.


After the warm-up, you are now ready to read the world news about the brutal murder of the spiritual leader of Hamas and his son, about the murder of that heroic handicapped organizer of the resistance against the Zionist oppression and occupation.  You are now ready to understand the outrage and twisted wit of world journalism, as it paralleled another unlucky passenger in a wheelchair on board a ship seized by other freedom fighters several years ago.  The fighters threw the passenger (a "representative" of the World Zionism) into the sea - a gesture of warning to all imperialist enemies: this is what they must expect when oppressed people strike back... Never mind the eerie parallel in their handicaps!


Another outrageous news: the Jews in Israel decided to stay alive. In doing so, they surround themselves with a fence, preventing the freedom fighters to exercise their right to strike back with their only asymmetric weapon: blowing themselves up.    


OK, so what?  Yes, everything is turned upside down in this evil world when it concerns the Jews and Israel.  After all, the world does not wish to remember what happened yesterday, to count how many coffee shops, buses, or discotheques filled with Zionist children were blown up by the "justly" outraged Palestinian people: pregnant women, kids - all the same.  The world, reflecting the mood of Europe and the Third World for the past few centuries, does not really like Jews and Israel.  Yes, as it was said, "Europe cannot forgive the Jews for what it had done to them".  After all, where ever in the world did a small diaspora group with its original culture and creed get along well with the host community for centuries?  Does this not explain (and therefore justify) the upside-down logic of Europeans towards Israel and the Jews, especially considering the "spiritual" interest of the Europeans to the Arab oil?


Alas, no one paragraph in the world is enough to fully explain the volume of pathological meanness of both European governments and European people in their bias and hatred of Israel.  Curiously though, contemporary history presented a unique opportunity by setting up a pure scientific experiment: an experiment in which all secondary effects are eliminated while the targeted effect appears in its ultimate clarity.


No longer together.  For centuries the Jews were fated to live scattered among different European nations.  Indeed, they were peaceful, mostly hard working and (alas!) successful in many activities.  This could not be forgiven in times of hardships.  It caused suspicion, envy, pogroms, and ultimately the unprecedented tragedy of the Holocaust... Now, however, the Jews of Israel live far away.  Europeans have nothing to share with them any more nor do they have any reasons to envy them. Moreover, Israel is the only democracy in Middle East unconditionally friendly to entire Western world, whereas almost the entire Western world (not to mention the Third World) is unconditionally hostile to Israel.


Involvement, not isolationism.  Although the Jews always preserved their cultural and religious identity wherever they lived, they did their best to be involved.  They contributed a lot to the cultures of all the people who hosted them and often enough delivered geniuses for those cultures.  Some Jews even tried to assimilate, but sadly they often found little appreciation.


Not under pressure any more.  Before and during the Hitler period Europeans did what they did to the Jews under the pressures of abnormal circumstances: brutal dictatorships, fear, misery inflicted by the war, and incitement, including robbing the property of the doomed Jews.  It would be unrealistic to expect any resistance in the European soul to this temptation under those conditions, with their history and that hysteria against Jews.  "Jews - to Palestine" was a slogan of the prewar era.  Unlike then, the recent decades in Europe were peaceful and prosperous, without any of those terrible extremes, which could incite hatred towards the Jews and Israel - thus their own intrinsic instinct is indeed the only link to contemporary slogan "Jews out of Palestine".  But the question "Where should they go?" remains unanswered.


Hypocrisy and double standard. Israel is a remote area for all the Western countries, having neither common boundaries nor any disputed territories with them.  It does have disputed territories with some neighboring Islamic countries; however those countries waged four wars against Israel having the goal to erase Israel from the map, and they lost all four.  In Europe the map and the borders were retailored many times after every war, and nobody ever raised the voice for returning to prewar boundaries.  Whole countries disappeared, say Prussia after the WWII. Yet the Western world (not to mention the Islamic) hypocritically pressures Israel to return to the prewar status as of 50 years ago and to accommodate millions of extremely hostile refugees - descendants of those 50 years back, ignoring the fact that Israel had already received and accommodated 800,000 Jewish refugees from Islamic countries. It is inexplicable why the Western countries show such an unprecedented double standard and hypocrisy to Israel, readily taking the side of the Islamic enemies - savages still living by 7th century rules.


Military alliance with Israel?  Never!  The western European countries have not yet approached to understanding that they are at war with the militant Islam, although numerous small wars happening right now in the world are those between Islamic countries their neighbors.  One of such conflicts takes place in Russia.  For years it conducts an active war against break-out Chechen entity - a breeding ground of militant Islam and the source of many terrorist acts in Russian cities, including those in Moscow.  Indeed, Russia wages the war against the same enemy as Israel: against militant Islam and its terrorists.  However generically anti-Semitic Russia cannot even think about finding itself on the same side with IsraelRussia persistently blames Israel for each and every act of self defense, and sides with all possible Islamic regimes. Russia (and its orthodox church in particular) actively helped Saddam Hussein, and it was involved into corrupted deals in the frame "Food for oil" program.  In spite of the fact, that Israel could be the best natural ally in the struggle with the same enemy, Russia would better take more and more terrorist blows, than allies with the Jewish state.


"Tagged Atoms". Nonetheless, the most illustrative results are delivered by the method of "Tagged Atoms" in the framework of this very historical experiment.  Due to "inexplicable" immigration policies, millions of Islamic immigrants - "highly radioactive nucleotides" - found their way into Europe and other countries of the West.  Culturally and religiously foreign, not only did they not want to assimilate into or at least learn the cultures of their host countries, not only have they exploited the  host countries' welfare systems, they, in fact, explicitly hate the Christian tradition of these countries and openly threaten to destroy it loudly and arrogantly.   And not only have they threatened to attack, they have actually done so!  Consider the recent "successes" in Spain and earlier in Moscow, New York, and Washington D.C.  Their other attempts were fortunately thwarted.


Has this "shot of radioactive nucleotides" helped Europeans (and Canadians for that matter) compare the realities of getting along with the Islamic community vs. the Jewish one, and to appreciate the difference?  Has this injection of arrogant "night shirts" and burqas, obsessed by jihad, helped Europeans and Canadians to reassess the kind of newcomers they acquired by "trading in" the Jews?  Have the Europeans then better understood that the Jews in Israel are struggling for their survival against barbaric enemies and overwhelming odds?  Have the Europeans understood that Western Civilization itself is under an enormous threat?  Shouldn't they unite with Israel, America, and several other countries to defend Western Civilization against the plague of Islamo-fascism?


No, not at all!  In their minds it is once again the Jews and Israel who are to blame.  It is they who caused all the grievances and misfortunes of Islam, while we in the West have to celebrate diversity, tolerance and sensitivity to the only religion of peace - Islam (because, of course, Christianity and Judaism are imperialistic and oppressive).  It is the Jews and it is arrogant America who appointed itself to defend the world, while in reality it colonizes and oppresses it.  It is the Jews acting through proxies who provoked global war with the goal of controlling the world even more tightly.


The experiment is still in progress, but the data already collected is more than sufficient for conclusions to be drawn.  I rest my case.  Now the irrational brutal hostility to Israel and the Jews by the evil majority of the world is proven beyond any reasonable doubt.  The posture of Old Europe is especially wicked.  That very Europe known by its traditional opportunism, pacifying policies, defeatism, and treason!  (Recall that Czechoslovakia was sold out twice!)  That very Europe shamelessly blames Israel - the righteous among the nations.  That Old Europe arrogantly blames America, who defended and reconstructed Europe after the wars Europe unleashed, the America that later covered the Europeans' backside for decades. It blames America, but panders to the Islamists while slowly becoming Eurabia (Bat Ye'or).   Spain has just shown how it appeased Islamic terrorists hoping they would spare it the next time.  Therefore, blame America first, and Israel, indeed.


Yes, along with hating Israel, the Old Europe arrogantly blames America, an America that could annihilate any part of the world (if it wished) without even losing one soldier, but that does lose many of them in order to avoid losses of ... of the enemy!  Actually, in order to reconstruct the enemy!  Which other superpower in the history of the world has ever followed such a military doctrine?  No superpower has and we have to change this course before it will be too late!


The US has to get out of the putrid anti-American and anti-Israel United Nations.  This ugly atavism of the Soviet era should have disappeared together with that era.  We have to defy Europe and realize that "a war is a war is a war".  Our enemy must pay the price, and we are the ones to name that price.  As Dennis Prager used to say about the special role of America in the contemporary world: the United States is the Chosen Nation, chosen to save civilization, including its cradle, Israel, from Islamo-fascist barbarians.


Some Conclusions (Pertinent for Jews)


There has been enough pondering about "why they hate us so much".   Even the most world-loving Jews must realize that the world will not reciprocate.  No mutual love with the world should be expected, just as it was centuries ago. Never, at least as long as explicitly hostile Islamic newcomers are dearer to European heart than the centuries long co-existence with peaceful Jews.  


Eliminate the deceiving euphemism "Tolerance" from the names of all Holocaust memorials.  Jews owe no tolerance to anybody, especially not to their enemies. This false term creates an illusion suggesting that it is possible to reeducate and get along well with those who seek the extermination of the Jews, and with those who would gladly watch it happen.  It is true that many cases of genocide and hostility around the world have occurred due to the lack of tolerance among other factors.   However, none of them were as universal and persistent as to extend in space and time over continents and centuries.


No peace-thinking any more. No matter how desired it has always been for Jews, now Shalom (the peace) is more illusive than ever before.  When the war is already imposed on us, any calls for peace with the enemy are suicidal and treacherous.  The so called peaceniks who strive to "Teach peace" and demand "Peace Now" are the enemy sympathizers and traitors.   


It is about time for all the Jews of the world - especially hard-core internationalists - to realize that the entire world will never be a dear home for them.  That kind of home will be found only in two countries of the world: the only Jewish country (Israel) and the only Judeo-Christian country (The United States of America).  It is only they that we must love and it is our enemies that we must hate (even if our enemies comprise the majority of the world).  And we must hate them not abstractly, but rather by keeping our arms ready.  As it is said, the Second Amendment right  (the right to bear arms) guarantees all the others.



Alexander Gofen, A Proud American "INFIDEL".

January, 2005