RE:  Pledge $2000 (yet under certain conditions)


Honorable Mr. Ron Paul,


I applaud your efforts to audit Federal Reserve. I would wish even more: to restore the gold standard of the US dollar, as it was before the 1920s, as specified in the US Constitution. I do acknowledge you as a strict constitutionalist.   


However you, a strict constitutionalist, have ignored the most grotesque violation of the US Constitution ever and the root cause of our current tragedy: the illegitimacy of Obama, the impostor, the usurper.


Now, as other party apparatchiks, you are in denial or dodge the issue.


Let me ask you as a strict constitutionalist: have you ever cared to understand what the requirement of being a Natural Born Citizen in the Constitution of the US actually means as a prerequisite for the presidency?


Simply put, a person with only one parent a US citizen is not Natural Born by definition, no matter what:


According to his official biography, Obama's father was not a US citizen, thus merely because of this one fact Obama could not campaign nor be elected as the president: period, end of story.


How could you in good faith ignore such an obvious constitutional requirement during the entire campaign of 2008 in respect to Obama - your opponent (!), while you did apply it in respect to McCain?!! In respect to McCain you did know that the US citizenship of both parents is required indeed!


All 43 previous presidents had campaigned in accordance with the Constitution: How could you and everybody else suddenly forget what it really means in 2008?!! Or for you, the "Strict Constitutionalist", the Constitution is a "Living document" too?


Even forgetting about the concept "Natural Born" for a while: how about verifying his ordinary citizenship? How at all could it happen in a civilized nation that a public official was allowed to campaign and be elected not producing anything (!) of his vital papers!


       Original, typewriter copy of the full birth certificate - Not released

       Certification of Live Birth - posted on Internet - Counterfeit

       Obama/Dunham marriage license - Not released

       Obama/Dunham divorce - Released (only by independent investigators)

       Soetoro/Dunham marriage license - Not released

       Soetoro adoption records - Not released

       Soetoro/Dunham divorce - Released (only by independent investigators)

       Fransiskus Assisi School application - Released (only by independent investigators)

       Punahou School records - Not released

       Selective Service Registration - Released - Counterfeit

       Occidental College records - Not released

       Passport - Not released and records scrubbed clean by Obama's terrorism and intelligence adviser.

       Columbia College records - Not released

       Columbia thesis - Not released

       Harvard College records - Not released

       Harvard Law Review articles - None

       Baptism certificate - None

       Medical records - Not released

       Illinois State Senate records - None

       Illinois State Senate schedule - Lost

       Law practice client list - Not released

       University of Chicago scholarly articles - None  


- And you, the "Strict Constitutionalist" do not have any questions about his dual citizenship (in Kenya, Britain, Indonesia), do you?


- And about his multiples Social Security numbers - a plain felony?


- And you are not aware about numerous American Grand Juries of 2009 which indicted Obama for various crimes from fraud to perjury to treason?! You, standing with "We the people", are so indifferent to such a Constitutionally established form of a people indictment as the American Grand Jury!?


- And you are not aware that US courts in coordinated efforts have sabotaged so far all attempts to prosecute Obama?! The courts sabotaged under a shameful pretext as though voters of our nation (we the people!) have no standing and no right to question the legitimacy of the very official for which we voted!

What are you worth, your Republican party, the US Congress and our entire nation if we all are incapable to prosecute and bring to justice an obvious fraudster and impostor, if we all are just waiting until his term expires?! Are we a banana republic or what?! It would be eternal disgrace of our nation. And it would be used as a precedent to reduce the concept Natural Born Citizen to an acquired citizenship of an anchor baby - if the impostor is allowed to stay his full term! 

- And if all the above is not yet enough for you, look at our decorated military hero Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who is going to be court marshaled demanding the vetting of the impostor - something that you ought to do! He is going to be crucified because of your dereliction of duty. Do you have any shame?!


I, and millions of other concerned citizens of these United States, are ashamed, disgusted, and outraged that a violation of the Constitution of the US on such an unprecedented scale took place on your watch. You ought to know better that a person whose only one parent is a US citizen is not a natural born citizen - even if you were unaware about other charges against Obama (such as fraud, Indonesian citizenship, and multiple Social Security numbers).


That said, still I am ready to contribute to your campaign, but if and only if:


          1) You shall publicly acknowledge that you had overlooked illegality of Obama's campaign and committed negligence in understanding what the Natural Born Citizenship really means (both parents must be US citizens). 


          2) In order to correct the mistake, you shall initiate a prosecution of the impostor in the Congress, and you shall back Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and the presentments issued by the American Grand Juries of 2009.


          3) You shall become a plaintiff in Dr. Taitz's law suits claiming illegality of Obama's presidency.


In fact, I pledge $2000 to the first sitting US Representative or Senator who has enough courage and honesty to fulfill all the three conditions listed above. I wished that you be the first. If so, I will be your devoted volunteer and supporter.


Alexander Gofen