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Nomination of Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq  for the Andrei Sakharov Prize

By Alexander Gofen


This is a nomination for the Andrei Sakharov Prize to a person, whose achievements in a fight for the human rights, freedom of thought, and the rule of law exactly resemble those of the academician Andrei Sakharov himself. Just several years ago it would be impossible to imagine, that the totalitarianism in the United States may reach the level like in the former USSR. And then a lonely fighter similar to the noble academician emerges to conduct the fight for the truth. To fight against all odds, against the totalitarian machine of the entire nation, being ridiculed slandered and threatened. Such is Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq, an American heroine, since 2008 exposing illegitimacy and crimes of Mr. Obama/Soetoro (a sitting president of the United States). 


Dr. Taitz fled from the former USSR, acquired two prestigious professions and became a successful businesswoman, exemplifying the very meaning of the American dream for an immigrant. Yet most importantly – she became a legendary attorney and leader of the Defend Our Freedom Foundation uncovering numerous aspects of illegitimacy of the Obama's presidency. She will surely enter into the US history as a personality on par with the Founding Fathers.


Dr. Taitz grew in Kishinev, Moldova (one of the former Soviet Republics) in a family of school teachers. In the 1980s the family immigrated to Israel. There she met her future husband (from the US); they married and moved into the US.


There Orly became a US citizen, acquired a profession of a doctor in dental surgery, opened two dental offices, and raised three nice sons (now students of Ivy League Universities). In the view of many, this alone exemplifies the success one can only dream about. However for Orly it was only a first step towards her real predestination…


Dr. Taitz also decided to acquire a profession of an attorney (a challenge even for native speaking Americans). She graduated from a Law School, successfully passed the Bar exam and became an attorney, adding the suffix Esquire to her name. And if all her occupations with the family, dentistry, and studying at the Law School do not seem enough, she has also succeeded in the Oriental Martial Art (The Black Belt).


And here comes the 2008 – the most disgusting period of American history… To better grasp it, a popular Russian story for kids can help.


A mail man delivered a telegram while small brothers Chuck and Geck stayed home alone. While squabbling, they inadvertently threw this piece of paper away from a window in a high rise building. Not wishing to be "liars", but fearing to confess about the lost telegram to their mother (who did not expect anything), they settled on the following. If the mother asks about it, they will "honestly confess", otherwise they will tell her nothing…


Chuck and Geck as a national "legal model"


The 2008 may be considered as the end of any essential competition between the oppositional parties. The supposed oppositional parties Democratic and Republican ceased to fight for defeat of the opponent in elections, turning the election into a fixed game with the outcome they had settled about in advance.


Indeed, the parties are still here imitating a fierce fight. Yet the issues they raise are limited to a narrow list of the "approved topics". The great majority of the presidential "executive orders" (anti-Constitutional in their essence); his assignments of the "tsars", of the Supreme Justices; the catastrophically growing national debt, Obama-care, the reduction of the national defense and NASA, destabilization of the world – all that keeps going with hardly a peep from the opposition. What is the absolute taboo however, is the illegitimacy of Obama's presidency itself.


The US Constitution had become a burden for both "parties" for quite a while. As the historian J. B. Williams has figured out, since 2000 there was at least six attempts of US Congress representatives from both parties to remove the constitutional requirement that the US president must be a natural born citizen. All those attempts had failed. So the parties somehow decided to violate this requirement de-facto, hoping that nobody would notice or ask…  


However the "American Chuck and Geck" happened to be more cynical than their Russian counterparts. Unlike the lost telegram of the literary Chuck and Geck, it was an obvious fact that Obama/Soetoro could not possibly be a US natural born citizen . Up to the vetting of the candidacy of Sen. McCain (Senate Res. 511, 2008), this constitutional requirement for the presidency had been understood as the US citizenship inherited from the parents both US citizens on the US soil ("The Law of Nations"), assuming that this inherited citizenship is never changed ever after.


Obama did not satisfy this constitutional requirement because of not one but two reasons simultaneously – based on his own published biography:


(1)    At the time of his birth, his alleged biological father was not a US citizen, and

(2)    His step father raised him under the name Soetoro as an Indonesian citizen. Obama/Soetoro had never submitted (and nobody had ever asked for) any of his legal papers from 2008 till 2011. In fact, even his legal name "Obama" remains uncertain till now.


Therefore, contrary to the Chuck and Geck story, this time "the delivery and loss of the telegram" had happened in front of the mother's eyes. However the American Chuck and Geck (both parties) had decided to say nothing anyway, hoping that the "mother" – i.e. the American people – would overlook it…


Their hope for complacency and carelessness of the Americans turned out to be true. The fat and brain dead American people, their three branches of the government, plus the Army plus the entire mass media have never asked why the Constitution had been violated. Only a tiny number of the patriots-constitutionalists have – Dr. Orly Taitz being the first among them.


Those who questioned the legitimacy of Obama were derogatively called "birthers".  When it became impossible to ignore their questions any more, the officials and apparatchiks of the parties resorted to the lies…


1.      Replacing the term "natural born citizenship" with ordinary citizenship; and while doing it…

2.      Reasserting the never legally proven Obama's Hawaiian birth story.


Dr. Orly Taitz and other attorneys began filing law suits at different US Courts questioning the constitutional legitimacy of the Obama's election. And the first thing they had learned was, as it appears, that…


American voters have no standing to question the legitimacy of the very candidate they had elected!


Since 2008 till February 2012 not one of many tens of the US courts where the cases were filed had heard them in merits. The courts kept merely dismissing the cases without hearing or discovery.


In 2009 however the crisis turned from the purely "constitutional" phase into a rudely criminal one. Dr. Orly Taitz together with her colleagues – professional investigators – had uncovered that not only Obama/Soetoro was unqualified constitutionally, but he also happened to be an identity thief. He uses the fake social security number from the state of Connecticut, where he never resided, which he had never legally obtained, and which is identified as illegal by the government computer system e-Verify. Dr. Orly Taitz had also figured out the "technology" used to find and obtain such numbers, invented by the bosom friend of Obama, an unrepentant terrorist Bill Airs.


Notwithstanding this shocking finding, the courts, the Congress (and also FBI) kept sabotaging the reports of the attorneys, of American grand juries, and numerous citizens about a crime, for which any one would get into a prison for years.


Yet the culmination of the criminal phase of Obama's presidency happened on April 27, 2011. After 3 years of dodging and obfuscation, he finally produced what he called the electronic copy of his original full birth certificate. This copy happened to be a coarse and very unprofessionally made forgery, as it was promptly noticed by Dr. Taitz and many professionals. In March 2012 the investigating posse of Sheriff Arpaio also came to the same conclusion reported at the press conference.


Normally a sensation of this kind, akin to an explosion, ought to put the media on its head. In the first place, it ought to put on its head the opposition party (if such existed). Continuation of an election campaign of a candidate caught (or even suspected) of such a crime would be cancelled immediately. However the totalitarian media carefully buried the news. At that the designated "opposition" party and its front runners kept playing the same treasonous game. They kept their foul game and denial of any identity crime of the opponent (!!!), whom they supposedly must defeat! They keep it up to this very moment, when one more evidence of Obama's birth in Kenya has just been discovered (the 1991 brochure with biographies of newly published "minority" writers).


And finally now when the new election is coming…


The American electorate is deemed to be fooled again.


The state officials quietly re-enter the name of Obama – the candidate with such a baggage of illegitimacy and criminality – into the primary voting ballots as though it were business as usual! Here is however a caveat. The states have the laws on the book, which allow the citizens to sue the government for entering illegal candidates into the ballots. Therefore the old method of the judicial sabotage (the lack of standing of the voters) is not applicable again. And so a new opportunity for the judicial prosecution opened for Dr. Taitz and other constitutionalists: To try to prevent reentering of the name of Obama into the primary ballots.


Along this line, on January 2012, first time during these 4 disgraceful years a court hearing in merits did take place in Atlanta, Georgia. In fact, there were 3 trials filed by Dr. Taitz and two other attorneys. It was the first time when Dr. Taitz succeeded to subpoena Obama/Soetoro to appear on the trial and to produce the original documentation. (Obama failed to show up). First time the testimonies of 7 experts and witnesses certifying the forgery of Obama's birth certificate and illegality of his social security number entered into the trial record.


Alas, the ruling of this judge in favor of Obama anyway exemplified a disgrace of the American justice, or rather the end of it. Now the earlier practiced methods of the pre-trial sabotage were replaced with the grotesque violation of the judicial procedures, the laws and the common sense.


However this too has not discouraged Dr. Taitz. Her belief in the final triumph of the Law and Justice is unshakeable. She goes on with the similar trials in other states – on the background of her senatorial election campaign in California. 


Apparatchiks of both "parties" hate Dr. Taitz. Even some conservatives grumble as though she hinders their fight – the real fight, mind you – for defeating Obama (the fight so "real" that it fails to expose the main crimes of the opponent). "Why to pursue the same line of the attack time and again if it does not bring any tangible results" – they complain.


They are wrong. Tenacity in pursuit of a noble goal is not equal to "repetition of the same experiment again and again in expectation of another outcome". Every new motion of Dr. Orly Taitz, every her new filing of a trial reveals the next rotten layer in the "onion" of the American government. She keeps peeling the "onion" further and further. If nothing else, this alone will become a precious part of the historic record testifying about an unprecedented corruption and demise of this former great nation – a bright city on the hill. The nation in which the very issue "what is the truth" became irrelevant, tabooed, denounced, and suppressed.


Academician Andrei Sakharov lived in such a nation, yet speaking out the truth anyway, no matter what. And the moment of truth did come thanks to him and the other courageous dissidents…


And today, here in America, just like the late academician Andrei Sakharov, Dr. Orly Taitz is speaking out the truth against all odds, against the entire totalitarian government-media complex, no matter what. By speaking out the truth, she helps the triumph of the truth to come sooner: just as academician Andrei Sakharov did.     


Dr. Taitz literally replicates the feat of academician Sakharov, and nobody else deserves the Andrei Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought more than Dr. Orly Taitz does.




Dr. Taitz' blog is    


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