If you doubt a veracity of the concept of the "American Betrayal" by Diana West, just follow the list of these true historic facts.

1) In the 1920s America failed to realize the terrible threat of the 1917 Bolshevik coup in Russia, failed to suffocate it while it was so easy, and failed to confront this infection at home. 

2) Worse, in 1933 America recognized and established diplomatic relations with a monster, a cannibal - USSR. In doing so America suppressed information about the recently staged by Stalin Ukrainian famine (akin to Holocaust). America kept suppression of all the information about other massive (on the scale of millions) repressions, GULAG, tortures, and kangaroo trials in the USSR. That was the clear moment when America lost its soul (noted Diana West). If nothing else, this fact alone of the recognition of the monster supports the entire concept of the book. Yet this recognition was just the beginning which paved the way for turning the US into a full vassal of Sovetskich.

3) In 1939 America suppressed the leaked information about the real content of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact: Hitler and Stalin reached an agreement about occupation of the Eastern Europe and so they started the WWII.

4) In the same time America failed to recognize a near obvious yet diabolical strategic plan of Stalin to pit Hitler against Europe, then to hit Hitler in the back and to come as a "liberator" of Europe - see the Icebreaker of V. Suvorov. Stalin was responsible for WWII no less than Hitler, and Stalin kept helping Hitler up to 6/22/1941. America's decision to side with Stalin was pointless and immoral from the very beginning. However America turned actually into a bootlicker of Stalin taking a role much exceeding that of a temporary ally.

5) America had suppressed the information about the Khatyn atrocities committed by Stalin. America and Britain betrayed and literally handed out millions of legal Russian refugees in Europe to Stalin - a despicable crime in itself! America and Britain also betrayed the Vlasov resistance Army and handed them out to Stalin too.

6) To please Stalin, America rejected the most obvious course of defeating Germany from the bulwark in Italy, and chose the most disadvantageous landing to France on the D-Day instead.

7) America had betrayed thousands of our soldiers to Stalin, leaving them to disappear in GULAG and to turn into the "camp dust": Denied, never heard about, forgotten forever - a despicable crime in itself! On a lesser scale the similar crime was repeated much later in regard to our Vietnam soldiers. Those were a bit luckier. After 7-8 years in Hanoi Hilton they were finally retrieved.

8) During the Nuremberg trial, America failed to bring to justice Stalin or any of his crimes - notwithstanding that his guilt in triggering the WWII was equal to that of Hitler. In the same tune much later America refused to stage analogous trial over the  crimes of the defeated Communism: This time - to not displease comrade Gorbachev on the Soviet side, and innumerous Soviet apologists on the Western side.

All the above was just an overture to ascendance of the impostor and thief Obama-Soetoro-Soebarkach-Bounel (the name uncertain) with all that followed.

Do not believe a word of Radosh or Horowitz. Judge for yourself, or go to Amazon and see 95  5-star reviews. (One of them is mine: http://www.amazon.com/review/R3J8XJD1HG31OO ). I came to the same conclusion as Ms. West in my own comparative analysis http://www.resonoelusono.com/2008vs1917.htm  written prior to her book. And find some of my conclusions in this letter
http://www.resonoelusono.com/HarshLetterToMembers.htm . See also http://www.resonoelusono.com/Infamy.htm .