Who is a Natural Born Citizen of the United States of America

A "Natural born citizen" - the most crucial concept of the moment in
America - is confusing (and deliberately confused). This concept is used in the Constitution of the US (Article II, Section 1, #4) as a precondition for presidency - and only for presidency, being clearly distinguished from ordinary citizenship. It has not been defined in the Constitution nor in any later statutes, because it had been self evident in the time when the Constitution was written, codified in the then contemporary encyclopedia "The Law of Nations" (1758) by Emerich de Vattel. (As a legal source "Law of Nations" is mentioned in Article I, Section 8, #10 of the Constitution in respect to the authority of the US Congress to enforce the law of nations, in particular - against piracies and felonies on high seas).

According to Chapter 19, §212 of "Law of Nations", "The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country of parents who are citizens". The concept "Natural born citizen" is a twofold criterion meaning that: 

Both parents must be the citizens of, and the birth must take place in the concerned country, assuming that the citizenship inherited by this child and the loyalty are never changed ever after.

In other words, a natural born citizen means at least a second generation citizen of the country.
Vattel's own note on the margin  of his book refers to the Roman law: NEMO PLUS JURIS TRANSFERRE POTEST, QUAM IPSE HABET, meaning "No one can give more rights than he himself has" (by Dr. A. Altec). Except for Obama/Soetoro, the Vattel definition had been always applied, the last precedent being the US Senate resolution 511 in 2008 (also here and here) acknowledging Sen. McCain as a natural born citizen.

Indeed, the goal of the Sen. Res. 511 was not to refresh the brain dead America about the concept of the US Natural Born as defined in Law of Nations by Vattel. Its goal was merely to justify campaigning of McCain (which did not qualify because he was born in Panama rather than in the canal zone). In doing so, the authors inadvertently revealed what they knew and kept in mind - the two-fold requirement of the definition of Vattel, though not mentioning it explicitly. (See below how the US Congress had tried to rid of this Constitutional requirement to presidency years prior to emergence of Obama).  

Another indication to the meaning of the term may be found in the Supreme Court's side definition of "natural born citizen" as "all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens" (Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162, 1875).

Often "Natural born citizenship" is confused with  §1401 of the US Code "Nationals and citizens of United States at birth". Although the words sound similar, §1401 defines only ordinary citizenship including such shallow one as that of anchor babies (i.e. born to legal guests of the country, §1401(a), never mind illegal residents).

The Constitution clearly and explicitly excludes ordinary citizenship for presidency: ordinary citizenship was reserved only for the presidential candidates - contemporaries of the Framers (referred as the grandfather clause). Definitely the
"Natural born citizenship" is not the same as ordinary citizenship, but something stronger. By not explicitly quoting the Vattel's definition, the Constitution therefore leaves some room for confusions. (Many such confusions resulted of deliberate efforts of "progressives" to erode the basic constitutional concepts inconvenient for them).

Fortunately there exists (at least) one original US document directly defining the "Natural born citizenship" according to Emerich de Vattel. This document (which does have legal binding) is the actual text of the FIRST CONGRESS in 1790 (see below).

Other arguments in favor of the definition of Vattel are the following. The Framers (in their correspondence) explicitly wished to exclude dual loyalty, and explicitly required that the
US citizenship of the president be deeper than ordinary citizenship (such as that of their contemporaries). After all, any one can acquire an ordinary US citizenship in some point of one's life, so the Framers clearly excluded this kind of citizenship. On the contrary, the Natural Born Citizenship cannot be acquired: it may be only inherited.


After the Framers, all the presidential contenders (up to Sen. McCain in 2008 but not Obama) did officially satisfy this definition, demonstrating continuity of the meaning "Natural born citizenship" consistent with that of Vattel . (In the past only one President Chester Arthur 1881-1885 violated it, hiding and destroying the traces of the British citizenship of his father, discovered only after his death. The carefully hidden violation of Chester Arthur in fact is an additional argument that the Vattel's definition was valid and he was aware of it).

Not only did the continuity and understanding of the Vattel meaning of the "Natural born citizenship" take place well up to 2008: It was clearly disliked and stood on the way of some planers long before emergence of Obama. Since 2002 some members of the US Congress had made various attempts to rid of the concept Natural Born Citizen, which all have failed (here, here, here, and here  - the research of J.B. Williams). Here are the list of those attempts:

H.J.R. 33 (1975) 
H.J.R. 38 (1977)
H.J.R 59 (2003)
H.J.R. 67 (2003)
S.2128 (2004)
H.J.R. 104 (2004)
H.J.R. 2 (2005)
H.J.R. 15 (2005)
H.J.R. 42  (2005)
S.2678 (2008).

So finally  in 2008 they simply violated the Constitutional requirement, created the precedent and therefore de-facto have changed the Constitution without any due constitutional process. It was "The Audacity of Dope", rephrasing the notorious title.

In 2008 nobody even attempted to hide the foreign citizenship of Obama's biological father - an open into the face overt violation of the Constitution. Worse, no personal documents of Obama at all have been ever verified. The perpetrators and enablers have been the media, both big and all the small parties, plus the three branches of government, who overlooked and orchestrated ascendance of the impostor into the White House - while the majority of American people didn't care, were hoodwinked, or brain dead.  


This brain dead crowd still maintains the consensus of silencing and suppression of the truth, cheering the procession and wonderful clothes of the proverbial Emperor without clothes, while the cheer leaders keep an eye on those attempting to speak out the truth. 

The former bright city on the hill turned into a despicable laughing stock for the entire world;

Into a chess board with the checkmate situation, yet the winning side refrained from checkmating;

Into a poker game with a brazen bluffer never demanded to open his cards.


1) With only one parent American citizen (the mother) and the father - a foreigner, Obama/Soetoro is definitely not a natural born citizen no matter where he was born and what is in his hidden full birth certificate.  

His Indonesian upbringing and citizenship had abrogated his natural born American citizenship (if it were valid). Getting back to America he may become only a naturalized citizen: definitely not natural born

3) Obama's authentic birth certificate at best can only prove him to be an ordinary U.S. citizen
according to §1401(a): definitely not a natural born U.S. citizen. (Fixation on his hidden birth certificate is misguiding, just like the pejorative term "birther", invented by those who want to deflect attention from the obvious issues lying on the very surface and not requiring any birth certificate).

4) On the top of it, Obama is a plain fraudster
He had obtained an invalid Social Security number 042-68-4425, that he currently uses. It was issued in the state of CT to an individual born in 1890. Obama illegally assumed this number, as Dr. Taitz and her collaborators have discovered. His recently shown copy of the full birth certificate appeared to be a coarse forgery. The head of the Hawaii department of Heals Ms. Loretta Fuddy who provided Obama with this coarse forgery of the BC in 2011, happened to be the only victim of a (staged?) plane crash on water who died while nobody was even injured.

     Alexander Gofen